Many people think that they are tied to their bank,

and can only buy cheques through them.

We say

"Think Local First"


At Riptide, we have been producing cheques for 25 years. Our cheques are CPA-compliant with the following security features:-

  • warning band - notifies document handlers that security features are present
  • watermark - this distinctive pattern in the paper can be seen when held up to the light and verifies it is secured paper
  • invisible fibres - these coloured fibres in the paper are only visible under a black light, making if different from regular paper and thus harder to fraudulently produce
  • microline printing - this tiny type cannot be read in scanned copies of the cheque
  • chemical reactants - chemicals in the paper will produce a stain if any attempt is made to chemically alter a cheque
  • toner adhesion - this coating on the paper makes it very difficult to scrape anything off the cheque


We are LOCAL! We are FAST! We are INEXPENSIVE!


Email or fax proofs are available at no additional charge. Delay in proofing may affect delivery time.

With no delay, we guarantee delivery within 5 business days. There is a small charge for RUSH orders to be delivered within 2 days.

Formats are available for most popular software packages.

Please email us at for pricing or to place an order. (A void copy of a cheque is sufficient along with the software version (laser cheques), colour and starting number.